Ask Cheryl: Curbing Craving, Roasting Veggies, & The Dreaded “Brussels Sprouts Smell”

Wow! It seems like yesterday we were gearing up for our weekly Twitter chats but now we are we are about to enter Week 5 of The Biggest Loser. Last week’s chat was another one for the records and I am always so glad to answer your nutrition questions. Keep joining in for chances to win weekly prizes, not to mention the prize of better health!

Here’s a recap of this week’s questions:


Question: I keep seeing that coconut oil is supposed to be much better for you than even olive oil. Is this factual?

Answer: Not in my opinion. I think coconut oil is a nice option for occasional use but I favor grapeseed and olive oil


Question: What are the best foods to help beat the “I’m hungry” feeling all the time?

Answer: The important thing is to not snack on carbs alone – they will satisfy your hunger for a limited time and you’ll be hunger again. Be sure to have a balance of carb lean protein and good fat.


Question: I’m trying to curb my sweet tooth, what tips do you have for me?

Answer: If you really have a bad prob with sugar you may need to go cold turkey for awhile and eliminate it – it’s very addictive for some people. Try to enjoy the sweetness of a bowl of fresh berries : )


Question: What are some creative roasted vegetables recipes?

Answer: I love Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, fennel, root vegetables. All you need is a hot oven, a little oil and your favorite seasonings. Be sure they are cut uniformly so they will cook uniformly : )


Question: Is there a way to cook brussels sprouts without getting the smell in the house? I absolutely love brussels sprouts but my husband hates the smell makes when I cook them

Answer: Unfortunately that comes with the territory of cruciferous veggies. If I have a lingering cooking smell in the house, I boil water and add cinnamon and sweet spices to infuse the air. You might also want to close the kitchen door if you can to contain the smells in the kitchen area : )


Question: How many times do you recommend eating eggs for breakfast? I’ve seen in health news that they’ve increased the recommendations for how often it is okay to eat them during the week.

Answer: If you don’t have issues with your cholesterol, it’s ok to have an egg every day. I am blessed with wonderful chickens and I very often start my day with two delicious poached eggs L: )


Question: It always seems like I do a good job for like the first week of eating better and exercising…any tips on how to keep pushing through and not get so discouraged when something throws you off course?

Answer: Excellent question ! first of all, write your exercise down on your calendar just like a conference call or business meeting and stick to it!! Also plan ahead and you may find you need to prepare all of your meals and snacks for the day the night before.


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