Cheryl Chats With Biggest Loser Trainer Dolvett Quince

dnp6560The charismatic trainer Dolvett Quince joins The Biggest Loser this season, bringing years of expertise in, in his words, “body sculpting.” He keeps his clientele in shape and works with some to transform their bodies (one client lost 325 pounds) as founder of Atlanta, GA-based Body Sculptor fitness studios. In preparation for this season of BL, I had the chance to chat with Dolvett about fitness, training Atlanta’s celebs (Justin Beiber even brought him on tour), and his advice for the rest of us.

Cheryl: What is the number one mistake people make when starting a training program?
Dolvett: Getting started without stretching.

Cheryl: What do you say to someone who thinks they are too out of shape to start exercising?
Dolvett: How much more out of shape are you gonna get before you get started?

Cheryl: You own your own successful fitness studios and have trained everyone from Justin Beiber to Janet Jackson. Of your accomplishments as a trainer, which are you most proud of?
Dolvett: I’d have to say making it here on Biggest Loser, I can affect more people, and help change lives.

Cheryl: Any of your celeb training clients ever give you a hard time about working out?
Dolvett: Always. No one really loves working out until the compliments come in, so the hard work pays off.

Cheryl: Do you ever get starstruck?
Dolvett: Sure, Im a fan like anyone else, I admire anyone who is great at what they do…it motivates me.

Cheryl: What do you love to eat following an intense workout?
Dolvett: Chicken and spinach salad! Mmmmmmm yum!

Cheryl: What’s your food weakness or favorite indulgence?
Dolvett: I love, love sweets … lemon cake!

Cheryl: Is there anything that most people (even your friends!) don’t know about you?
Dolvett: I don’t take myself too seriously, so I’ve always had a dream of doing standup comedy, or singing the national anthem before a game!!

© Cheryl Forberg 2016