Get a Peek at Biggest Loser At-Home Winner Denise’s Food Journals

deni before and afterThe Biggest Loser Season 11 may be over,  but that doesn’t mean we are all going on vacation (and even if you are literally going on vacation, this is no time to let your diet slip). I’ll be posting the usual assortment of tips, reminders and recipes to keep you on the right track as always, so check back here each week.

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If you tuned in to The Biggest Loser finale last week, you saw Denise Hill win the at-home prize while Olivia became Season 11’s Biggest Loser. Deni’s food journal entries spoke volumes.

Successful weight loss requires dietary modification, cardio and weight bearing exercise, as well as addressing the psychological aspects of emotional eating (which affect most of us on some level).

Many of you have asked what the contestants eat to fuel their vigorous exercise and to help them achieve their weight loss success.

Today, I’d like to share Denise’s before-and-after food journal.

Last fall, when I met with Denise before the season started she shared with me her typical daily intake at that time, which contributed to her starting weight of 256 pounds. She, like most of the contestants, was eating at least, if not more than three times the amount of calories her body needed.

Deni would wake up at 6 a.m., skip breakfast and get to work by 7 without eating. Once at work she would make instant oatmeal with diet protein poweder. She would drink herbal tea at work as well.

Noon: she would bring a salad with chicken and would use a low fat sesame ginger dressing.

Deni would drink water all day, aiming for 64 oz. per day.

Usually she didn’t snack because she was “always on a diet.”

As soon as she got home “all willpower went out the window.” She would go straight to fridge and take out the ice cream and eat several scoops in a large bowl with chocolate syrup.

And now that “she’d blown it for the day” she’d go out for dinner with her husband and order something along the lines of Indian food with cream sauce.

Back home from dinner she’d eat dessert such as a chocolate ice cream bar dipped in almonds.

Most nights she would eat “nonstop until bedtime,” consuming six, seven, or more salted crackers with salted butter, sugared cereal or a large bag of popcorn with butter on it.

Now here’s a sample of Deni’s food journal after joining in on BL Season 11:

6 ounces unsweetened almond milk
1 cup high-protein high fiber cereal
1 cup fresh strawberries
(215 calories)

2 tablespoons dry roasted cashews
(100 calories)

Sandwich made with one slice whole wheat bread
3 1/2 ounces chicken breast
1 ounce reduced fat cheddar cheese
(315 calories)

1/4 cup trail mix
(175 calories)

3 ounces grilled chicken breast
Salad: 2 cups romaine, 2 cups spring mix, tomato, 1/4 cucumber, 1/4 cup cauliflower, 1 ounce shrimp, 2 tablespoons low fat miso dressing
(315 calories)

1 cup non fat frozen yogurt
(185 calories)

1,305 total calories

Before The Biggest Loser, Deni rarely ate fresh fruit and much of her diet contained high fat, high saturated fat, and high sugar foods. She now focuses on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and “good” fats. Once home from the ranch she aimed to eat at least 1,200 calories per day. She tried to err on side of more calories rather than less, and consistently lost 3 pounds a week at home! Of course she also kept up an exercise routine as well.

At age 59, Deni lost 125 pounds (48.83% of her starting weight) to make it to a final weight of 131 pounds. Way to go!

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