Biggest Loser Nutritionist Dishes – On Herself

about-the-biggest-loser-cheryl-forberg-registered-dietitianI’ve gained weight.  There – I said it.  It started creeping on a few months ago – along with that insatiable appetite that many of us women get around “that time of the month” just before our periods. Our senses are heightened, especially our tastebuds (at least that’s how it works with me). Everything tastes so good.  I usually allow myself to indulge on those two or three days every month, because I know it’s short-term. And … I want to really enjoy every bite instead of feeling guilty and ruining the experience. And so, every month on those days, I eat (and eat!) , I enjoy every morsel, every bite… and then I work out a little bit more and eat a little bit less for the next few days til I’m back to “normal”.


But  something happened.  The last time “that time of the month” came around, my insatiable appetite didn’t stop after a couple days.  I kept eating………and eating.  At one point, I even took a pregnancy test so I had something to blame for my subsequent weight gain (other than my lack of willpower).  But the test result was negative.  The explanation was painfully obvious to me.  I’m not pregnant.  I’m fat.
Since it’s been 83 days since my last period, I decided to visit the doctor this week.  More bad news – I’m going through “the change”.  Not really bad news – but I have a bunch of symptoms that aren’t too thrilling right now. Can’t sleep, can’t remember much, eating incessantly…..but I am enjoying every bite.  And now that I know what’s going on, I can refocus and make a new plan – including more exercise.  My body’s changing.  It’s time to change some of my routines.  Look forward to sharing them with you  : )

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