Healthy Resolutions from the Biggest Loser’s Nutritionist

Healthy-Resolutions-from-the-Biggest-Losers-NutritionistTired of low energy? Unhappy with your weight? Each year, “getting in shape”…

weighs in as the most popular New Year’s resolution. A gym membership and a trip to the health food store are a great start to achieving that goal. But really looking and feeling great require a more comprehensive approach. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are ten Positively Ageless tips to a healthier you, from head to toe.

Get physical. Depending on your overall health, you should have a physical exam every 1 to 5 years from age 30 onward. After 65, you should have an exam annually. The tests your health provider orders will depend on your history. Generally, your work-up will include a blood pressure check, a blood test, and sometimes urinalysis. Ask your doctor which biomarker exams may be beneficial to you. Be sure to record all values in your journal to serve as your baseline. You can track your progress over weeks, months, and years.

Get a face-lift—for your kitchen. The contents of your fridge and cupboards mirror your health. If your shelves are loaded with sugar and white stuff—chips, crackers, microwave popcorn packets (with oil and “flavorings”)—and your freezer is filled with ice cream treats, it’s time to take out the garbage. Remember, the prize for eating white stuff, processed foods, and soft drinks is a ticket on the Wrinkle Express. Toss the junk and make room for your new best friends. The prize for eating Positively Ageless foods is a slow ride to a healthy longevity.

Load up on antioxidants. When you shop with your Positively Ageless list in hand, you can more easily restock your antiaging arsenal with wholesome foods and ingredients, and you’ll be less likely to buy the junk you used to eat. These are your most important purchases. What you put in that shopping cart now predicts your health and longevity later. Once you know where to find all you need in the supermarket and local health food stores, you’ll be set. You won’t have to go scouting again.

Buy a basket. It’s time to make fruit more accessible. Keep the basket in a convenient place, such as near the entry door or kitchen, (or on your desk) so it’s easy to pick up a healthy antiaging snack when hunger strikes. Plus, the vibrant colors will be a constant reminder to continually replenish your antioxidant levels

Scope it out. If you’re under 40, have a dermatologist give you a top-to-bottom skin exam every few years, starting at your scalp and ending at the soles of your feet. If you’re over 40, schedule one annually. If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun, or have lots of moles, freckles, or pigment changes or a family history of skin cancer, you should be examined even more frequently.

File it. If you’re overwhelmed or having problems with memory or clarity, set aside a half day to organize your paperwork. It may take a few sessions to find your way, but putting everything in its place will clear your office space as well as your head. Set aside at least an hour a week to stay on top of it from now on so it won’t topple you. With your home and your things organized, it will be easier to keep your thinking on track.

Find peace. Set aside 20 minutes each day to pray, meditate, or do yoga or deep-breathing exercises. It seems so basic but few people actually set aside time to think/reflect/renew.Fill your heart and your mind with positive thoughts and energy.

Sleep it off. Getting enough sleep is underrated—it’s a top antiager. Be disciplined and treat yourself to this luxury, whether it’s napping during the day or going to bed earlier. Lack of sleep taxes your body from head to toe—and it shows.

Intensify it. By adding intense “intervals” in your aerobic sessions, you can really burn fat and rev up your metabolism. For example, jog for 4 minutes, run fast for the fifth minute, then go back to jogging, and repeat over and over. Your body will work harder and burn more fat. When you fall into a comfortable exercise routine, your metabolism slacks off, so keep it interesting and supercharged.

Sign up. Become a lifelong learner. Whether it’s history, cooking, or Japanese paper folding, keeping your mind active not only makes you more attractive but gives your brain the same type of workout that your body is now enjoying. Think young to stay young

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