Ask Cheryl: Quinoa, Cleanses, & Fiber

Another roundup of your burning nutrition questions from our weekly Facebook chats, courtesy of American Pistachios! Each week I host a live Q&A session on Tuesdays at 8pm EST, following Monday night’s newest The Biggest Loser episode. Make sure to join in for a chance to win prizes, this week’s winners won Lodge Cast Iron cookware!


Question: I finally found a exercise video that nudged my weight loss to start again. I am also drinking a weight loss drink once a day. Do you think weight loss drinks are OK for short term?

Answer: I think that SOME shakes are ok once in awhile, but they need to have really clean ingredients – no artificial sweeteners or sugar


Question: I always though quinoa was a protein, then read somewhere that it is more carbohydrate. Which is right?

Answer: Quinoa is a whole grain that has both protein and complex carbs. It a really great source of plant protein and very versatile to use


Question: Hi, wondering if any supplements are recommended to assist with weight loss. Not diet pills, just good things to have enough of in order to facilitate losing

Answer: my answer would be no. I believe that supplements are supplemental and you should be able to find the nutrients you need in whole foods. That said, many women could benefit from a Calcium supplements, a multiple vitamin is ok to cover any deficits and I am also a big fan of high quality Omega 3 supplements, especially for those who don’t enjoy eating omega 3-rich fish


Question: What are your thoughts on doing a cleanse to jump start weight loss and curb cravings?

Answer: Not a fan of cleanses – if you eat a good amount of fresh produce and whole grains you will have plenty of fiber in your diet which will help keep things moving through!


Question: How much fiber should i have daily?

Answer: You should aim for a range of 25 to 35 grams per day


Question: What do you think about low carb diets? Is it the way to go to lose weight?

Answer: Very low carb diets will not provide long term success as they are not sustainable. We use a modified low carb eating plan The Biggest Loser and it’s much easier to stick with!


Question: I love rice. What one is healthier brown rice or wild rice?

Answer: They are both great choices because they’re whole grain. Personally I favor wild rice – I grew up in Minnesota and we had that a lot growing up. Just be sure that you’re portion sizes aren’t too large. Many people tend to go overboard with rice!


Question: What are your top lean choices for protein?

Answer: I love egg whites, edamame, lean dairy, lean beef, pork, bison as well as the white meat of poutry and of course fish!


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