Ask Cheryl: Water Woes, Frozen Food Nutrients, & Kid Friendly Pistachio Recipes

Wow, another great Facebook chat in the books! You guys are amazing and I’m so glad that so many of you showed up for our weekly nutrition chat, my fingers were typing up a storm the entire time! Remember, I’ll be answering your pressing nutrition and weight loss questions every Tuesday night at 8pm EST following on my Facebook page. Each week every participant is entered into a drawing for a prize valuing up to $500! Make sure not to miss out this week, you could win a Ary Vacmaster. Thanks to American Pistachio’s for sponsoring this weekly chat!


Let’s get into the recap of what we talked about last week:



Question: I am not a water drinker. Are there other healthy options? I am getting tired of drinking ice tea!

Answer: Not really except milk! Try to remind yourself of the health benefits of water and it may taste better! Helps hydrate our skin, helps us feel full, helps maintain body temperature, helps carry nutrients throughout our body


Question: What type of oil is best to use for salad dressings?

Answer: I favor grapeseed and olive oil : )


Question: When I make freezer meals for busy week nights is my family getting the same nutrition/vitamins as if I cooked it right then?

Answer: Yes as long as you freeze it right away – you have minimal nutrient loss – and be sure not to overcook it when you reheat!


Question: My question is processed foods. Is everything I buy if not fresh considered processed. In other woods..a bag, a can, frozen. Except veggies..thanks so much.

Answer: Some of those things are minimally processed; you really want to avoid things that have lots of preservatives and/or things that have been milled to remove most of the nutrients like white flour!


Question: My husband refuses to eat veggies, except for lettuce and corn. What can I do to make sure he gets the right nutrients that comes from vegetables?

Answer: You may have to sneak them in without telling him – if the dishes are well seasoned he may not notice. My book Flavor First is loaded with recipes like this. It’s on sale on my website good luck!


Question: is it true the heavier you are the quicker you lose weight?

Answer: Kinda sorta – on the show we find that some of the largest people lose a lot of weight in the beginning – but it’s really subjective. sometimes it’s because they were eating so much processed salty food before the show that they lose a ton of water weight


Question: What are some recipes with pistachios that kids will enjoy?

Answer: I have some great easy recipe in my new book – a salad with smoked turkey and chopped pistachios; a delicious quinoa dish with pistachios and a yummy balsamic dressing, I could go on and on ….

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