Your Guide to Healthy Holiday Happy Hours

Healthy Holiday Happy Hours

Holiday parties means holiday cocktail hours, but how do you navigate the bar when you’re committed to a healthy holiday season? These 7 tips will be your guide to wet your whistle without the dreaded holiday hangover.

1. Have a Plan: Decide how many drinks you will have before arriving to the party—and stick to it! Drinking 1-2 drinks throughout the entire party will feel much better the next day than 1-2 an hour.

2. Choose Wisely: Choosing wine, champagne, or a spritzer will mean less calories. Avoid heavy beers and cream-based drinks, and DO NOT order the martini!

3. Make sure to eat: Happy hours often carry over until dinner and can mean overindulging if you allow yourself to get too hungry. Make sure to eat something small before and/or during the party to keep the alcoholic effects at bay.

4.Hydrate! Drinking plenty of water between drinks will prevent you from inadvertently telling your boss what you really think, and will ensure you have a job to come back to!

5. Opt for a “Mocktail.” Forgo alcohol completely by choosing a non-alcoholic drink instead. Ask for sparkling water with lime and mint for a “mock mojito”.


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